Submersible Amalgam UVC lamps


Nitrates in the water together with sunlight will lead to the growth of algae. In large enough numbers, the free floating single cell algae will turn water green. Provided there is sufficient oxygen in the water, this process is not harmful to fish. Using an ultraviolet lamp will clear the algae by damaging the cell walls and DNA. Any harmful bacteria and viruses that might be present will also be destroyed.

There are significant differences between the UV’s that have been available until now and our new generation Amalgam UVC lamps. What follows are the reasons why you should be using our Submersible Amalgam UVC lamps;

  • Amalgam UVC lamps produce over 200% more 254nm UV-C, the specific light spectrum needed to destroy single cell algae, bacteria and viruses.
  • Amalgam UVC lamps operate at 100°C which reduces fouling of the quartz sleeve. Another advantage of operating at 100°C is that minimal UVC output variations occur with changes in pond water temperature. This is in contrast to that of conventional lamps operating at only 40°C with large variations in output due to changes in water temperature.
  • Amalgam UVC lamps achieve an efficiency of at least 35% compared to the 15% achieved by the conventional UV lamps. This results in a saving of  between 50% and 70% in electrical power previously consumed.
  • Our Amalgam UVC lamps are submersible which results in a reduction in the size of the unit. The ballast unit is separate and can be housed well away from the pond while the lamp unit consists of only a lamp connector and a quartz sleeve. This makes installation very simple; just float it in a vortex or drop it into your last chamber next to the outlets.
  • With the Submersible Amalgam UVC lamp being placed in a free body of water and not restricting any water flow through pipework there is no head loss, resulting in a direct saving on your electricity bill.
  • Amalgam UVC lamps will last 16,000 hours and the output is guarantied not to drop below 80% of their initial output level during the first 12,000 hours of operation. This is twice as good as standard UV systems that degrade to typically 60% of their initial output level within just 8,000 to 9,000 hours.
  • Due to the solid mercury amalgam material used, recycling of Amalgam UVC lamps is far easier and safer than standard low pressure UV lamps that contain liquid mercury. A much higher health hazard exists with liquid mercury due to the fact that the liquid mercury easily vaporizes and can be inhaled.


Available in 40 watt and 80 watt lamps:

  • 40 watt Submersible Amalgam UVC lamp is rated for a pond of 35,000L.
  • 80 watt Submersible Amalgam UVC lamp is rated for a pond of 60,000L.

Maintenance required

Using a soft cloth, clean the quartz sleeve surrounding the Amalgam UVC lamp every 6 months.

40 watt

UVC 40 watt

80 watt

UVC 80 watt




Overexposure to UV radiation may cause painful eye injury, skin burn, premature skin aging and increased risk of some types of skin cancer.



Before connecting the device, make sure there is no damage. Check the power cable and the mains plug carefully before connecting.


Electrical shocks can cause death or serious physical injury to personnel as well as pose risk to equipment. Ensure that no unauthorized persons are able to gain access to or come into contact with the device. Disconnect the device from the power supply before opening the device or the terminal box. Due to DC-link capacitors, hazardous high voltage may remain for up to 3 minutes after disconnecting from the power supply. Never operate the device without the mains being correctly earthed.


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